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Stitch braids, also known as feed-in braids or no-knot braids, are a type of braiding technique where extensions are gradually added to the natural hair in a seamless and natural-looking way. This technique is characterized by the use of a needle and thread to attach the extensions to the hair, resulting in a braid that starts small near the scalp and gradually increases in size as it extends down.

Stitch braids are typically created:


The natural hair is divided into sections, and the desired pattern for the braids is established. Common patterns include straight back, curved, or geometric designs


Extension Attachment:

A small section of natural hair is initially braided without adding extensions. As the braid progresses, additional hair extensions are stitched into the braid using a weaving needle and thread. The extensions are seamlessly blended with the natural hair, creating a smooth and gradual transition.

Gradual Sizing:

The size of the braid gradually increases as it moves away from the scalp. This technique gives the braids a natural and less bulky appearance at the roots.


Once the braids are completed, they can be styled in various ways, such as ponytails, buns, or left loose, depending on personal preference.

Stitch braids are known for their versatility and natural look. The technique is often chosen for its ability to create a sleek and well-blended finish, especially when using hair extensions that closely match the texture and color of the natural hair.


Additionally, the feed-in technique allows for a more comfortable and less-tensioned style, making it a popular choice for those who prefer a protective hairstyle with less stress on the scalp. Stitch braids can be worn for an extended period, and proper care, including regular cleansing and moisturizing, can help maintain the health of the natural hair and the longevity of the braids.

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