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Wearing Tap-Ins

Tape-in hair extensions are a type of semi-permanent hair extension method that involves attaching thin, pre-taped wefts of hair to the natural hair. This method is popular for its quick application process and natural-looking results. Tape-in extensions are designed to add length, volume, and sometimes color to the hair without the use of heat or chemicals.

Here's how the tape-in extension process generally works:



The natural hair is sectioned and prepared for the application. It's important that the hair is clean, dry, and free of any oils or styling products.


Each tape-in weft consists of two thin strips of hair with a strip of adhesive sandwiched between them. The weft is then sandwiched around a small section of the natural hair, effectively "taping" it in place. The wefts are attached in layers, creating a natural-looking blend.


The stylist blends the natural hair with the tape-in extensions, ensuring a seamless and natural look. This may involve cutting or shaping the extensions to blend with the client's desired style.


Once the extensions are securely in place, the hair can be styled as desired. Tape-in extensions allow for versatile styling, including straightening, curling, and updos.


Tape-in extensions are known for being comfortable and flexible, and they typically lay flat against the head, creating a natural appearance. They are considered a semi-permanent option because they can last for several weeks, depending on factors such as the type of adhesive used, the quality of the extensions, and how well they are maintained.

Maintenance for tape-in extensions involves avoiding the use of oil-based hair products near the adhesive area, and regular check-ins with a stylist to ensure the extensions are secure and in good condition. When it's time for removal, a specific solution is often used to break down the adhesive, allowing for the gentle removal of the tape-in wefts.

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